Tour of Capri

Tour of Capri

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Arriving on the island Capri aboard a yacht is a dream experience! For this excursion, the interested group will be accompanied with the B&B Purple transfer service, to the port of departure in Piano di Sorrento, only minutes away from the magical island.

After just twenty minutes you'll get to walk through the picturesque alleys of Capri, in fact you will be left all the time in the world to visit the island and appreciate the surrounding beauty and uniqueness.

Capri Tour Three hours later a vessel will be ready, to take you at the feet of the famous Faraglioni and visit the unmatchable caves with their White, green and blue colors. Aboard the yacht mini refreshments with lunch, fruit and drinks are included, and furthermore you’ll get to dedicate yourself to pure relaxation with a dip in the blue waters of Capri and take in the sizzling Sun.

The excursion, lasts eight hours, from 9: 30 am to 5: 30 pm.
The tour price is only 80.00 € per person!

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