Cooking School

Cooking School

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At the Purple Bed & Breakfast even you can become a remarkable chef! If you are passionate about good food, Purple offers you a cooking school experience that will change your ordinary stay into a genuine culinary holiday in Sorrento.

Our courses are geared toward anyone who wants to embrace our regional and national cooking traditions thanks to simple and practical lessons enriched with culinary secrets.

We want to help you discover the most authentic Campanian cooking flavours, loved worldwide for Campanian's refined rich dishes using traditional ingredients.

Quality and Passion

The quality of raw ingredients is a priority at the Purple Cooking School, which uses exclusively organic products that come from the nearby garden and citrus orchards.

As a result, recipe choices change with the seasons. The garden is close to the school, so each student, when possible, can be part of the vegetable picking.

Our extensive experience in the catering business, paired with the passion for cooking, will show you a unique and unforgettable experience in the delightful Sorrento peninsula.

Our Cuisine

We start the course with an exquisite aperitif, then hand out the tools of the profession: an apron, a knife, a cutting board, and a notebook so you can take notes. The Purple kitchen is fully equipped with cooking tools: an oven, a large assortment of pots, cooking utensils, mixers, dishwashers, and a coffee machine to make traditional Neapolitan espressos.

The head chef will guide you through each step of every recipe, revealing trade secrets for cutting, frying, and kneading as well as cooking Italian pastas.
After class you can relax and sample everything you've cooked under the enchanting canopy of the citrus orchard by the school.
Your meal is topped off with one of our specialty liqueurs made from mandarin, lemon, and fennel, and is accompanied with our traditional Sorrentine dessert pastry.

Our Courses

The course includes many local and national dishes such as: appetizers, pasta, bread, seasonal vegetables and, of course, meat and fish dishes. If you have specific dietary needs, don’t hesitate to let us know. We are very attentive to any type of dietary preference or need and can even plan a menu just for you!
The classes are structured so you can learn our cooking secrets in a simple and fast way so that you will be able to prepare exclusive Italian meals at home for your family and friends with confidence.

Furthermore, our chef can explain a variety of alternatives for each recipe so you can adapt it to suit your tastes and ingredients that are available at home.
We take great care of each student’s work, which explains why we limit the class size to eight people. The courses are held Monday to Saturday offering diverse classes based on local specialities

Courses are offered every day and last three hours, plus time to eat dinner.


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