Amalfi Coast Tour

Amalfi Coast Tour

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Tour groups in the Amalfi coast are the best moments that you can experience thanks to the B&B Purple. You'll be taken to the port of Piano Di Sorrento, to board a vessel that will bring you to this beautiful coast. During the trip there will be numerous stops for you to enjoy the beauty of this wonderful piece of land.

The first stopwill be the Reggina Giovanna bay, followed by the islands of Li Galli, once called the Island of the mermaids, whose shapes tend to resemble a dolphin.

Tour della Costiera AmalfitanaThen it will be the turn of the beautiful beaches of Laurito and Nerano, where nature lives untouched and where you can relax in the Sun, swim and enjoy moments of pure pleasure in contact with nature.

The duration of the trip is 8 hours, 9.30 am-5.30 pm, and lunch will be offered on the boat with fruits and drinks, all at a cost of just 95.00 € per person!

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